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To best reach Monkey Mia’s audience in today’s competitive world, a brand was designed that captured the marvel of dolphins.

Branding Effectiveness

Insight’s ROI approach gives you a greater Return On Investment by making your branding and communication more effective.

Making your branding more effective is paramount and our ROI approach will help to build your brand’s recognition and reputation by addressing 5 Key Branding Effectiveness Questions – brand positioning, brand strategy, branding policy & plan, visual branding development, new brand implementation.

These 5 Key Questions are covered below.

How do I shift my brand to its ideal market position ?

The diagram shows you the process we go through to identify a perceptual branding map that uses the market’s key attributes to assess the relative factors that separates each brand – thus positioning each one in its competitive market position. The next task is to identify the ‘ideal market segments’ that offer the greatest potential for strategic growth, and then, to shift your brand towards these segments with a new brand – one which incorporates the ‘ideal attributes’ preferred by those segments.

Where should I focus my branding effort ?

An effective brand needs to be strategically focussed into the market segments that will offer the best ROI. In order to build trust and importance in people’s minds, the brand has to be able to lift perceptions amongst existing and potential clients. The aim – to be the most preferred brand.

What branding policies should I put in place ?

Taking your business to the next level requires a specific branding policy and a plan that will ensure the amount of communication effort put in, will result in your targets being met – over the short and medium term.

How do I design the ideal visual brand image?

Breaking through the intense competition requires a better visual brand image than the others. The diagram shows you the 4 Design Phases we go through to ensure your brand is effectively positioned through the design of an ideal brand image – one that will have strong appeal amongst your target audience.

How do I manage the launch of my brand?

A new brand has only one chance to be launched well. If it isn’t, the first opportunity to enhance your brand’s reputation has been lost – and may never recover. Carefully project managing the launch process to ensure the investment in the new brand is effective is extremely important.

ROI Approach

Insight uses its ROI Approach to ensure all of the branding and visual communication issues are considered in their strategic context. In other words, branding and communication that is designed to give you a Return On Investment.

Our ROI Approach movie presentation shows you how we can help to improve your business and build your brand’s recognition and reputation.

Click on the movie link to play Insight’s “ROI Approach”.

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