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A strategically integrated approach and a clear focus for the communication & design effort was used to ensure MMA’s brand strategy was effective.


Strategically positioning your organisation or product within today’s competitive marketplace with an effective brand image is critical.

The attributes that are projected by this brand image need to position your brand in people’s minds as the most desirable. If the brand does not carry the power to achieve this, the level of communication effort needs to be greater to ensure the same results. To enhance your ROI, the better the level of visual brand appeal, the greater the chance is to lift both the brand’s awareness and its reputation.

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  • Brand & Visual Positioning

  • Branding – Investor Relations

  • Branding – Recruitment, Careers

  • Branding – New Products

  • Branding – Community Engagement

  • Branding – Internal/Cultural Change



Designing a new identity, or logo, for your brand is clearly an art form. The logo must project your key attributes in a way that stands out from the crowd, is recognisable, and can be easily remembered without a great deal of effort.

A logo can be made up of both a symbol and a logotype. These components need to be able to work in unison, in vertical and horizontal configurations, and reproduce clearly when technically applied across a range of communication tools.

A well designed logo with that ‘bit extra’ – leads to far greater audience impact and appeal.

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  • Brand Identities

  • Product Range Logos

  • Project & Team Logos

  • Safety Logos

  • Celebration Logos

  • Event Logos

  • New Brand Launches

  • Corporate Stationery


An effective communication mix of advertising, websites and movie presentations, printed communication materials – such as reports, brochures, newsletters, magazines and catalogues – and signage and displays that stand out, will influence your clients to seek you out and help you to build stronger relationships with them.

The power of these tools should not be under-estimated. Each one is an essential part of the communication mix. The target audience will be positively influenced by the enormous visual appeal that these branded communications can provide through the use of amazing imagery and clever brand recognition devices. If they are well presented, and have the ability to impart a consistent message, this will ensure each one is a strong weapon within your armoury of communication tools.

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  • websites & online ads

  • movies & 3D

  • advertising & billboards

  • reports & prospectuses

  • brochures & newsletters

  • exhibitions

  • interpretive signage & displays

  • pullup banners

  • signage – external & internal

  • office interior graphics


Style Guides

By developing a style guide to control the use of your logo and its application across your range of communications tools, there will be both uniformity and consistency in the way your brand is presented to its target audience.

The greater the level of brand consistency, the less people will be confused – which can be the result of seeing mixed messages projected through an erratically presented visual image that is not perceived as professional.

A strong and consistent image will lead to increased brand awareness, an enhanced reputation, and a greater ROI for the same level of expenditure on a poor brand.

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  • logo use style guides

  • brand style manuals

  • signage style guides

  • recruitment advert style guides

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